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February 7, 2015: Starting at 7:00 AM Don Tredinnick and Peter Berman, MVWR Volunteer Refuge Naturalists, led the Winter Photo Hike at MVWR - Bloomington Ferry Unit. It was a beautiful 20 degree February morning.

We explored the area around Rice Lake taking advantage of the early morning light. Our hike began during Civil Twilight. Morning Civil Twilight begins when the geometric center of the sun is 6° below the horizon (civil dawn) and ends at sunrise. The cool blue light during twilight provides additional interest to winter scenes. We were able to capture the sunrise from the pedestrian bridge.

As you can see, there are many Bald Eagles that make the Minnesota River area their home, perhaps because of the great fishing.

It can also be fun when people are part of the landscape.
View from the Pedestrian Bridge during Civil TwilightMinnesota River at Civil TwilightIcy FlowHoley LogFrozen RiverMinnesota River while Sun RisingEerie SwampBeaver LodgeDan Photographing the Crack in a TreeSplit TreeAl Capturing the River Landscape during SunriseAl Trying to Find that Perfect ImageGreg Focusing InDon Sneaking in a PhotoMeandering RiverCommon MergansersFormations on the RiverBald Eagle looking for FishShimmering River's EdgeBald Eagle Wings Spread