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On three different days this fall, I went to Crex Meadows in Grantsburg, WI to see the Sandhill Cranes, who gather there during their fall migration south. This year there were around 14,000 cranes. The best time to get there is right before sunrise. These cranes arise just after sunrise, from sleeping in the meadow, to fly to farmers fields to eat seeds that fall to the ground after harvesting. They flew right overhead in groups of 5 - 15 for 2 hours. Thousands of cranes making their unique call is breathtaking!

There were also many groups of Trumpeter Swans enjoying the ponds.
Trumpeter SwansTrumpettingTrumpeter SwansSanhill Cranes eatng in the fieldThousands of Sandhill Cranes awakening in the meadowEarly RisersEvading the FogIncoming!Landing Gear DownLanding Gear DownHold UpHold UpHold UpReaching for the groundHold UpHold UpFeet FirstSunrise SilhouettesIncoming!Silhouettes