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September 13, 2014: Members of the Natural Fiber Alliance met a Gale Woods Farm in Minnestrista, MN for some discussion on uses of fiber. Then we visited Spring Creek Farm and Little Gidding Farm.
Relaxing CalfCalf thinking about getting upWell Fed Finnsheep, Corriedale & Icelandic SheepGreat Pyrenees thinking about keeping everyone away from his herdReady to tour the pastures in anti-disease spreading footwareHome-made round bale feederGreat Pyrenees coming to check out the guestsBorder Leicesters coming in from the far pastureBorder Leicesters not sure if it's safe to proceedCan't ResistYou gotta pet me tooJudy explaining pasture management3 happy Border Leicesters in a rowSpring Creek Farm complete with Border LeicestersBorder Leicesters coming in single fileLooking at the guestsVery content Border LeicestersMargaret Showing a Fine Cria FleeceSue Explaining Alpaca HusbandtrySuris showing their fine fleece